Executive Team

The Anchor Health executive team is comprised of experienced home care professionals and administrators united by a common goal: relieving our clients and their families of the stress surrounding home care, by providing top-of-the-line service in a polished and amicable manner.

Everyone at Anchor Select considers your health and wellbeing our top priority, from your personal caregiver all the way up to our CEO. Everything we do is in service of our clients, to make sure you continue to live your fullest life

Ari Greenfeld

Founder & CEO

Olga Aizenfretz

Director of Operations

Chevy Wertzberger

Director of Business Development

Jay Cinner

Private Client Relations

Nadya Yakimchenko



As a rapidly growing company, Anchor is hiring. We’re looking for people that share our passion for making clients feel unique.


Our clients expect white-glove service and we work tirelessly to provide it for them. When you join the Anchor family, you’re making a commitment to care.

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